Bringing back to life a forgotten corner? Need somewhere nice to sit? Creating an interesting feature? Want to get more from a stroll around your garden? We’re all about improving your garden experience and bursting with ideas too!

If your garden is getting out of control or you have a project that you just can’t find the time to complete then Diggits is here to help.

garden maintenance and management

Lawns and hedges are the big elements of our gardens and maintaining them can be time consuming, one of those areas where more effort spent equals greater reward too! They’re important elements that act as picture frames to the colourful creations in our flowerbeds so can be easily overlooked.

It goes without saying that the soil in your garden is really important stuff, it’s a complex mixture that stores nutrients necessary for successful plant life. Over time these nutrients get used up so your soil needs to be replenished regularly.

Composting is a practical and affordable method to provide everything your soil will need and it’s an obvious ‘win, win’ for everyone; turn all your garden waste into lovely food to feed and nourish your soil. Healthy soil means healthy plants that look great and grow well meaning more garden waste… and so the cycle continues.

Often tucked away in an unseen corner the humble compost can be constructed from any reasonably solid, recycled timber.

garden buildings and structures

An Englishman’s home is his castle. While we no longer need to keep out rampaging vikings we still like to define our borders. Fencing can offer a decorative boundary to your garden as well as provide privacy.

Trellis is great for supporting climbing plants and can be employed to divide outdoor space into different areas and create more intimate destinations to visit and enjoy your garden.

More than just a place to store some tools, the ubiquitous garden shed is a multi-functional space that can be either hidden away or a decorative addition to your garden. There’s no need to limit your imagination when it comes to the design but if simple is what you’d like then we can do that too!

From the foundation up we can supply and construct either an off-the-shelf kit or design and build something unique for you to use and enjoy.

garden features

If you’re redesigning your garden or adding a new feature there’s a good chance that there’ll be a raised bed or wall somewhere in your new scheme. With plenty to choose from in terms of materials whether wood or stone you can let your imagination run wild.

The rolling hills of the beautiful Devon landscape make for fantastic views and as a result our gardens are all the more interesting with different levels and terracing but none of this would work without steps and where there are steps there’s a pathway.

The sound of running water is a magical addition to your garden and the numerous possibilities enable anyone to add a water feature regardless of the size of your space. By adding just a small pond you’ll also benefit from encouraging new insects and animals back into your garden and improve the biodiversity of your habitat.

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